Work Packages

WP1: SMART Monitoring Designs
to explore and develop suitable frameworks for combining measurements from terrestrial,  oceanic and atmospheric monitoring stations or short-term field campaigns.

Work Package 2: Data Exploration Framework
to address challenges related to data provision and data analysis and to meet the requirements via designing methods and workflows that enable natural scientists to make use of streamlined data flows as well as tailored visual data exploration and machine learning approaches.

Work Package 3: Sustainable Collaboration
to establish new governance structures across the centres that provide exchange of services between the centres, adopting the same standards, and allocating new IT-solutions for data management and data science, avoiding double investments and double efforts.

Work Package 4: Success Evaluation
to develop an evaluation framework for 1) assessing the performance of new data science methods in SMART Monitoring and data exploration, 2) assessing the added value of applying these new data science methods in Earth System science for creating new scientific knowledge.

Work Package 5: Project Management