How We Communicate

Digital Earth Group at HelmholtzNet 

For members-only area for document exchange, email distribution including WIKI and calendar:
Login required. Registration via dhenkel(at)
Contact: Daniela Henkel dhenkel(at)

Digital Earth Gitlab Group

The group contains repositories for scripts, tools and software products in the Digital Earth context of the Helmholtz association. A Community of people interested in Digital Earth software and its development:

Login required. Registration via datenmanagement(at)
Contact: Claas Faber cfaber(at)

Mattermost Channel

Mattermost is a project communication tool. By registering at you have automatically access to the Digital Earth Group chat (

Digital Earth at Confluence

Confluence is a collaboration wiki tool used to collaborate and share knowledge efficiently and working together on common tasks.
Login required. Licenses issued upon demand and request.

Digital Earth Mailing Lists

Show Case Flood: digitalearth-flood(at)
Show Case Methane: digitalearth-methane(at)

Seed Groups in Digital Earth

Data Exploration: digitalearth-explo(at)
Data Flow: digitalearth-flow(at)
Data Management and Governance: digitalearth-gov(at)
Earth Monitoring: digitalearth-monit(at)
Software Architecture Concept: digitalearth-soft(at)

Work packages in Digital Earth

SMART Monitoring Designs: digitalearth-wp1(at)
Data Exploration Framework: digitalearth-wp2(at)
Sustainable Collaboration: digitalearth-wp3(at)
Evaluation of Success: digitalearth-wp4(at)
Registration required.
Contact: Daniela Henkel dhenkel(at)