Digital Earth Bridging Postdocs

One very important strategic tool in Digital Earth is to ensure a flexible and targeted support of emerging scientific questions by using the expertises from different Helmholtz Centres. In order to do so six Bridging Postdocs, who applied with their own scientific project, have been selected. These researchers are hosted at one Earth and Environment Research centre of the Helmholtz Association, and cooperate with at least one other Helmholtz Centre.

Our Digital Earth Bridging Postdocs:

Dr. Sibylle Hassler

Dr. Sibylle Hassler hosted at KIT, Karlsruhe with "Bridging the scales of evapotranspiration (BRIDGET)" - co-host UFZ, Leipzig ►starting date July 1st 2019


Dr. Ing. Wendi Dayorto

Dr. Dadiyorto Wendi hosted at  GFZ, Potsdam with "Project Summary: Enhancing Flood Data Workflows through a Coupled Model Chain" - co-host UFZ, Leipzig ►starting date July 1st 2019


Dr. Lennart Marien

Lennart Marien hosted at GERICS, HZG, Hamburg with "Machine Learning methods for assessing causal links in heterogenous data: applied to Climate Change and Health" -  co-host HMGU, München ►starting date November 1st 2019


Dr. Ing Robert Schima

Dr.-Ing. Robert Schima hosted at AWI, Bremerhaven with "A data-driven architecture for service-oriented observation and in-stream process modeling" - co-host UFZ, Leipzig & GFZ, Potsdam ►starting date January 1st 2020


Dr. Ing. Kai Schröter

Dr.-Ing. Kai Schröter hosted at GFZ, Potsdam with "Advanced data integration methods towards large-scale flood indicators" - co-host HZG/ GERICS, Hamburg ►starting date December 1st 2019


Dr. Amir Haroon

Dr. Amir Haroon hosted at GEOMAR, Kiel with "Uncertainty quantification of automated machine learning strategies to interpret multivariate marine data – A showcase from deep-sea lithological mapping and mineral exploration" - co-host UFZ, Leipzig ►starting date Janurary 1st 2020