Digital Earth at a Glance

Digital Earth or "Towards SMART Monitoring and Integrated Data Exploration of the Earth System - Implementing the Data Science Paradigm".

Digital Earth is a Data Science project integrating SMART Monitoring and Data Exploration for a holistic understanding of the Earth System to give answers to Grand Challenge questions: 1) Drivers and Consequences of Global Change, 2) Potential and Sustainable Use of Resources, 3) Ecosystem Dynamics and Biodiversity, 4) Causes and Impacts of Natural Hazards.

Digital Earth is a project enabling a holistic view on the Earth System to

  • understand the natural Earth System
  • understand feedbacks between man-kind and the Earth System in the Anthropocene
  • advance the value chain of  observation --->>>  analyses --- >>>  prognosis  --->>>  taking action

Furthermore, Digital Earth will enable an iteratively integrate of data acquisition (SMART Monitoring) and data analyses (Data Exploration) by feedback loops. It is a Data Science project using and advancing Data Science methods and workflows across scientific disciplines, centers, Earth compartments. Digital Earth will (a) provide large scale knowledge exchange and transfer, and (b) develop software and workflows and intends to define defacto ‘standards’ & implement best practice.

Digital Earth supports long-term perspectives re. software & knowledge. The project is  enabling the Research Field Earth & Environment to take an international leading role and will provide services for Decision Support Tools. Does not seek to answer specific natural science questions.

Digital Earth is a joint project in the research division "Earth and Environment" of the Helmholtz Association and consists of more than 50 scientits from eight Helmholtz partner institutions: