The 4th joint Data Science Symposium by AWI, GEOMAR, and HZG will be held on 20-21 June, 2019 at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht.
We invite you to join us for talks, lively discussions, and a poster and demo session on the overarching topics of Data Science and Data Infrastructures in the Earth Sciences.

Please find additional information and the registration form here. The deadline for registration and abstract submission is 10 May 2019.

|► Podcast "Modellansatz" Digital Earth Member at KIT provides insights about modelling activities in global atmosheric models

Jennifer Schröter and Christian Scharun from KIT got the invitation to talk on the podcast „Modellansatz“ of the Department of Mathematics of KIT.
This podcast deals with recent modelling activities and strategies for the global atmospheric model ICON-ART. Together with Gudrun Thäter they discuss challenges when it comes to modelling the greenhouse gase methane, in particular. The modelling activities are carried out in the scope of the HelmholtzAdvanced Earth System Modelling Capacity (ESM) and Digital Earth (DE) project.
This podcast and further information are only available in german.



|►Workshop on Observation Data QA/ QC

Digital Earth Colleagues from FZ Jülich are organizing to an interactive workshop on observation data QA/QC. It will take place at the Juelich Supercomputing Centre, February 25 -27, 2019 from noon to noon. The format will consist of presentations, discussions, and hands-on sessions. Registration is limited to 30 participants.

Automated quality control and assurance of observation data is a key issue in near real time applications as well as in long-term data archives. Digital Earth aims to develop standardized tools covering a wide range of quality criteria based on existing international framework conventions. This workshop intends to be the kick-start, bringing together existing QA/QC procedures implemented at HGF partners.

Key goals of the workshop are:

  •              Review data QA/QC procedures implemented at HGF partners
  •              Analyse existing gaps in QA/QC management
  •              Draft roadmap for generalized QA/QC approach to be delivered by Digital Earth
  •              Datathon: bring your data for hands-on exercises

If you want to participate please contact Susanne Rohs (s.rohs@fz-juelich.de), no later than February 11, 2019.


|► Digital Earth Interim Meeting at GEOMAR Kiel December 10 - 12, 2018

The first Interim Meeting of Digital Earth took place at the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean research Kiel from 10 to 12 December, 2018. For details on the tentative agenda please visit here.


|►Digital Earth Members at the ENVRI Confernece and Training School in Tromsø, Norway

From 28-31 January 2019 Viktoria Wichert (HZG) and Christian Scharun (KIT) participated in a training school and conference on "Time Series Analysis" in Tromso, Norway. Both presented a poster related to the topics of Digital Earth, established new contacts and improved their skills on Time Series Analysis which will be very helpful for the Digital Earth Community."


Modelling of the influence of methane emissions in the North Sea region with ICON-ART. Scharun, C, Ruhnke, R, Guggenberger, H, Schröter, J, Weimer, M, Braesicke, P 2019

Time series in the Digital Earth Project. Wichert, V 2019


| Bridging Industry and Research

Jens Greinert (GEOMAR) took part in a panel discussion on "Digitization of the Oceans: industrial data collection for Ocean Sciences", which have been conducted in the framework of the "2nd Digital Week Kiel". In the course of the discussion Jens Greinert introduced "Digital Earth" as a tool for collaboration in Earth and Ocean Sciences, necassary to conduct sustainable and competitive research in the field of Ocean Science.