Network tools available in Digital Earth

Digital Earth Group at HelmholtzNet

For members-only area for document exchange, email distribution including WIKI and calendar.

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Digital Earth Gitlab Group

The group contains repositories for scripts, tools and software products in the Digital Earth context of the Helmholtz association. A Community of people interested in Digital Earth software and its development.

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Contact Claas Faber cfaber(at)


Mattermost Channel (

Mattermost is a project communication tool. By registering at you have automatically access to the Digital Earth Group chat.


Digital Earth at Confluence

Confluence is a collaboration wiki tool used to collaborate and share knowledge efficiently and working together on common tasks.

Login required. Licenses issued upon demand and request.


Digital Earth Mailing Lists

♦ Show Cases

Flood: digitalearth-flood(at)

Methane: digitalearth-methane(at)


♦ Seed Groups in Digital Earth

Data Exploration: digitalearth-explo(at)

Data Flow: digitalearth-flow(at)

Data Management and Governance: digitalearth-gov(at)

Earth Monitoring: digitalearth-monit(at)

Software Architecture Concept: digitalearth-soft(at)


♦ Work packages in Digital Earth

SMART Monitoring Designs: digitalearth-wp1(at)

Data Exploration Framework: digitalearth-wp2(at)

Sustainable Collaboration: digitalearth-wp3(at)

Evaluation of Success: digitalearth-wp4(at)


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Contact  Daniela Henkel